DVLA V5C Motor Caravan

DVLA V5C Motor Caravan

It’s important and advisable to reclassify your T5 panel van to a campervan with DVLA once it has been converted.

There are a range of benefits not least of which is your precious new campervan’s insurance. Some insurers require evidence that it is has been converted into a camper in order to either get bespoke campervan cover or to get a competitive annual premium compared with a normal commercial van which carries different risks and generally is more expensive to insure.  Andy, if you are unlucky enough to have an accident (and it does happen I’m afraid), there is one less thing that the insurance company can quibble over….

Oh and of course you can legally travel at 70mph where speed limits allow. A panel van is limited to 60mph on an equivalent road. Better to be legal and you are in a much stronger position if you are stopped for driving ‘enthusiastically’

DVLA do set out criteria that have to be met in order for them to re-classify your van. They are not onerous and Blue Sky can advise you what the requirements are. All Blue Sky Campervans are re-classified as motor caravans before sale and all conversions on customers vans fully comply with the DVLA requirements. Blue Sky will arrange for your converted van to be re-classified on your behalf  free of charge (providing you are the registered keeper of the vehicle)

For advice on whether your converted van qualifies or for Blue Sky to prepare and submit the documentation on your behalf please email Blue Sky at info@blueskyconversions.co.uk or use the website contact form here for more details