Are your T5/T6 Wheels and Tyres Load Rated?

T5 & T6 Campervan Tyre and Wheel Load Rating

It’s all too easy to be tempted into buying one of the many replacement wheel and tyre packages that are advertised on places like eBay. Be warned, many are not rated for a typical T5 camper and you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk. You may be invalidating your insurance too!.

Here is an example of what happens if you run one of the most popular tyres offered for sale – 97Y rated tyres – on a T5 camper. These  overheated and failed catastrophically! – both tyres failed with 100 miles on a trip to France.

As a guide, A T28 or T30 would need at least a 102Y rated tyres and 825/850 kg rated alloys.

Don’t take risks.

For advice, options and more details contact Blue Sky.

All of the wheels and tyres fitted to Blue Sky campers or supplied in the Blue Sky e-Shop are fully load rated.