VagCom (VCDS)

VCDS (VAG-COM) Diagnostic System

VAGCom (or VCDS)…..

is a Windows PC based diagnostic and programming tool for VW Car and Commercial, Audi, SEAT and Skoda cars.

It is primarily used for the diagnostic analysis and programming of vehicle systems. More commonly you may know it as the tool that resets your service indicator light by your garage.

It is far more than that……

Sometimes something important goes wrong that causes the engine management light to come on. VagCom can identify the problem (fault code) and suggest solutions and reset the fault codes.

But, it is far more than that ……

Your vehicle’s settings for many of its functions have options that can be turned on or off. Typical examples of settings that can be changed are as follows :-

Teardrop wipe (on or off)
Comfort indicators (on or off)
Comfort indicators (no of flashes)
Rear speakers (on/fader on or off)
Seat belt warning (on or off)
Auto lock the doors when speed is over 15 km/h
Auto Emergency flashing indicators when Abs is engaged
unlock doors when key is removed
comfort window open/close via remote
activate Bluetooth and DAB

plus many more…..

Blue Sky have the latest VagCom tools and software to undertake diagnostic, reset and re-programming of your T5/T6. Contact Blue Sky for more information or to arrange a VagCom check.