My name is Martin Styles, owner of Blue Sky Conversions……


Blue Sky Conversions are builders of quality VW T5 Camper Conversions that not only look great but represent great value for that modern and affordable camper experience.

The ‘Blue Sky Conversions signature T5′ is a high specification conversion that will give you many years of reliable service through the careful selection of complimentary good quality equipment and materials.

It will be important to you that your campervan not only stands out but also drives and feels like it is up to the job. The lowered suspension is matched to the 20″ wheel and tyre specification for that sporting look and is firm giving the van crisp handling with very little body roll, yet at the same time is comfortable for many hours of open road driving as well as your daily local urban commute.

Because the BlueSkyConversions T5 equipment and finish specification has been developed as a package that looks and performs as one, there isn’t much scope for customisation other than the furniture and conversion fabric colours. This is why our business is able to focus on a fully converted vehicle package that we are confident in putting our name to.  

Blue Sky Conversions ethos is to create a lifestyle dream campervan from a plain and simple panel van….

From this.....


To this.....



Campervan Sales 30%
Conversions 40%
Services 20%
Parts & Accessories 10%

Martin trained as a Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University where he obtained his B.Sc degree in Plant Engineering. Ever since he can remember he has had a love of cars and what makes them work. 

VW T5’s came into Martin’s life when he realised he could combine his love of great engineering and design with a newly found love of the outdoor and it’s lifestyle after having endured the stresses and strains of working life.  Tents and camping weren’t for him but a camper that drove like a great car , that was just perfect….. 

He built his own T5 camper and realised that customers needed a camper with a specification that was just so,… The dream to build the signature Blue Sky T5 campervan became a reality in 2014 when Blue Sky Conversions Ltd was born….


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Martin – “Giving our customers what they want is of prime importance. Our customers have busy lives, many with families. They need to know that their campervan will do the job and give them the lifestyle experience they have chosen”

– Martin Styles
Owner & MD


Emma – “My job is to make sure that the company’s accounts and returns are accurate and up to date. It’s a big responsibility and the success of the business depends on it ”

– Emma Styles
Company Secretary

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