No campervan would be complete without side privacy windows .......


Side privacy tint windows allow light in to your campervan living area to increase the feeling of space without compromising security.

Privacy windows are available in both fixed and sliding versions for both swb and lwb variants and o/s or  n/s. Privacy side windows are also available for the rear 3/4 locations, again in swb and lwb formats for both the o/s and n/s.

The most popular configuration for both swb and lwb campers is o/s sliding (where cooking/washing facilities are normally located with a fixed (non-sliding) privacy  window in the sliding door.

Privacy windows are also available for the rear barn doors or tailgate on both swb and lwb variants.


There are 2 common ways of providing window blackout for sleeping and rest.

Thermal blinds are a simple cost effective option. They are fitted for sleep and then removed & stowed during the day.

Fitted luxury pleated curtains have the advantage of more effective blackout (having the edges held in place with poppers) and can quickly be drawn. They are stylish when drawn and are neatly stowed with attached tie-backs when not needed.

Luxury curtains are available in a range of colours. Popular colours are grey and black.