Poptop Elevating Roof

The 'poptop' elevating roof provides an additional 2 sleeping berths and generous headroom in your campervan living area....

Increased headroom…

You only really truly experience the freedom and practicality of your campervan when the living area is opened up by the addition of a poptop roof.

All poptops will give you a degree of additional head room. Some more than others depending on the style and manufacturer. Most will allow even the tallest person to fully stand up for some of the living area, depending on the bed system emplyed by the poptop manufacturer. Skyline roofs are one of the the tallest lifting elevating roof both at the front and at the rear. They also have an articulated hydraulic bed that provides ample headroom throughout across all of the living area.

Blue Sky recommend and only fit Skyline elevating roofs

Extra sleeping space….

Whether you have a long or short wheelbase van or a full width or 3/4 rock and roll bed, a T5 or T6 campervan will only comfortably sleep 2 adults.

The addition of a pop top will provide sleeping accommodation for a 2 further adults or grown up children. The degree of comfort and feeling of spaciousness is again dependent on the make and style of poptop.

The Skyline poptop elevating roof has a high lift at both the front and rear such that the sleeping area is one of the largest of any manufacturer. You literally can sleep either way round and will feel less closed in with a Skyline roof.

Scenic panorama….

Most poptops will have opening lights on both sides and at the front, normally semi circular, with some or all of these lights fitted with zippable mesh screens, full opening and blackout screens. The Skyline roof is no exception and has combinations of all of these formats.

The optional panoramic canvas from Skyline uniquely goes one stage further and unzips fully and folds away to provide the ultimate ‘open air’ nature experience. Perfect for those warm barmy summer evenings watching the sun go down at your favourite camping location.