Eberspacher Warm Air Heating

Eberspacher D2 Airtronic warm air diesel heaters are a perfect accessory for your campervan

Eberspacher supply warm air and hot-water heating products to the car, commercial and marine industries….


The fitting of a digital thermostatically controlled warm air heater in a modern campervan means that you can use your camper all year round.

No longer do you have to trust the luck of the weather or run the campers engine to keep warm, annoying your fellow camping neighbours.

With the touch of a button on the digital thermostat, you will be experiencing warm air within a few minutes of startup. Set your ideal comfort temperature (up to a maximum of 30 degrees) and the controls will maintain that ambient temperature.


— Quiet, economical and superbly engineered…..


The Eberspacher D2 diesel heater operates independently from your campervan engine, running off the leisure battery and having a separate diesel supply straight from the vehicles fuel tank.

The 801 digital controller thermostat ensures that the heater unit always delivers the right amount of heat. The controller has both a heating on and circulation on button with LED and it has temperature set point up and down buttons. Turn the unit on and set the desired temperature and the controller looks after the rest. Start up takes just a minute before you receive your warm air and the controller speeds up and slows down the heater and it’s independent diesel pump to maintain temperature.


— All that can be seen is the exhaust outlet which discharges below the van.


There are two options for an Eberspacher installation in a T5. Either the unit can be located under the driver or passenger seat or underslung below the vehicle in the space between the floor and belly pans.

The most popular and preferred location for the heater unit is underslung below the vehicle. This has 2 main advantages. Firstly that it does not take up precious space below the seats in the cabin allowing the leisure battery to be located there. Secondly, there is no discernible operating noise from the unit.

The Eberspacher Heater Install in Detail

These are some of the features of the underslung Eberspacher diesel warm air heater installation in a T5 Campervan.......


— Typical below floor installation reduces noise and keeps the space under the drivers seat free.

Heater inlet air is drawn from within the cab to increase heater efficiency and warm air is delivered back to the cabin via an adjustable eyeball vent.


— All Blue Sky eberspacher heater installations are fitted with a genuine eberspacher exhaust silencer to ensure that the unit operates with the minimum of noise inside the campervan and  your campervan neighbours.


— The Eberspacher has its own digitally controlled variable pulse pump which is managed by the main control unit. This enables the heater burner to operate at a range of heat outputs from full heat to tickover when the van interior is at the set temperature. This ensures that the heater does not cut in and out unnecessarily, reducing pollutants, reducing fuel consumption and extending the life of the unit.


— There is a dedicated fuel standpipe for the Eberspacher digital pulse pump installed in the T5’s fuel tank. A feature of the standpipe arrangement is that the pick up height is set to ensure that there is always enough diesel left in the vehicle fuel tank after operation to get you to a nearby fuel station.