Chassis & Suspension

Handling, stance and comfort are all important for the perfect campervan......

The addition of a chassis handling and ride kit from Gaz is a worthwhile upgrade.....


The standard T5/T6 chassis and suspension have been developed by VW for commercial van use. It is rugged, robust and carries out it’s task exceptionally well.

In full camper conversion trim and at standard oem ride height, there is a high roll centre of gravity. This makes the ride and handling of the standard suspension to appear soft and the handling/ride imprecise with increased body roll. Mostly this is due to the distribution of the additional weight of the camper conversion parts, in particular the ‘poptop’ elevating roof.

Blue Sky recommend the fitting of a Gaz uprated suspension set up to improve chassis balance, ride comfort and handling of your converted T5/T6 campervan.

The new setup consists of replacement front and rear suspension struts, shock absorbers and springs. Both the ride height and damping become fully adjustable front and rear and Blue Sky can set these up to suit the lifestyle use of your campervan.