RIB ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Seat Beds

Is a RIB rock and roll seat bed worth the cost or not?….

Here at Blue Sky we always review each of these factors with the customer in order to guide them and recommend the best product for them.

Safety – are you intending carrying rear passengers now? or what about in the future?…., is there a requirement for child seats?

Insurance – Does your insurance company require your seat/bed to be pull tested (usually to M1 testing standard)? and what happens if fit a rock and roll bed that doesnt meet their criteria in the event of an accident?

Style and Looks – Seat contouring, fabrics, colour scheme, features can all be important in achieving your overall desired style and look.

Cost – Hace you budgeted for the right seat bed?

Travelling Comfort – How comfortable is the seat for the typiocal distances and time you will be travelling with rear passengers?

Bed Comfort – Do you have any particular needs (i.e. perfectly flat cushions; hard/soft foam; memory foam; size…)?

When it comes to choosing the right rock and roll seat bed, there are lots of factors that might influence your choice.

  • Price
  • Safety
  • Comfort (as a travelling seat)
  • Comfort (as a bed for sleeping)
  • Ease of Use
  • Style and Looks….

The RIB bed in all sizes and options has been fully M1 pull tested when installed with a certified Installation beam that is secured to the main longitudinal chassis rails under the vehicle.

The ingenious and unique patented RIB design and operating mechanism means that the seat cushion can be properly contoured on top for sitting with a perfectly flat underside that becomes the sleeping surface

The ingenious and unique patented RIB design and operating mechanism also means that the seat front and rear cushions can be inclined in any position when in bed configuration to become a comfortable recliner.

All RIB beds can be specified with approved isofix fittings to enable the standardised and easy fitment of child safety seats

You can specify either a fixed or sliding frame. The sliding option means that the base is fixed further back giving an extra 200mm of living area length compared with the fixed frame option and other manufacturer’s beds. Thats half of the increased living area space afforded by the LWB version of the T5/T6….

The design allows for a generous under seat bed volume enabling a range of bed board & sliding drawer furniture options.

The infinite adjustment of the rear cushion means that it can be stored in an upright position, giving full height storage compared with a conventional A frame design rock’n’roll bed that has a permanent seat facing the rear.

For the comfort of the taller occupant when in bed configuration, a longer rear cushion can be specified (an option not normally available with a conventional rock ‘n’ roll seat bed). 

The RIB bed in either 112cm 2 seat or 150cm 3 seat can be specified with a mounting that fits the oem VW California/Caravelle/Multivan floor rails to give the ultimate layout flexibility.